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We all need software to get the job done, here are a few links that you might need.


Now, over 10 million professionals in 185 countries are using Autodesk products to save time and money, gain competitive advantage, and change the way ideas are brought to life.
Manufacturers of 3DSMax, Maya, Autocad and a whole lot more,


Much of the desktop video revolution can be traced in the history of NewTek. Since founding NewTek in 1985, visionary Tim Jenison has led the way in the design of a series of groundbreaking products, and continues to guide the company in pioneering innovative and affordable tools for computer-generated animation, video, and film special effects.
Manufacturers of Lightwave


E-On Software

Since its inception in 1997, e-on has pioneered the concept of Digital Nature and enjoyed the widespread adoption of its solutions across a variety of industries and user communities.
Manufacturers of Vue



Procedural Inc. is specialized in software for the efficient creation of 3D buildings and cities. With its flagship product, the CityEngine, urban environments can be created 10 times faster than with existing solutions.
Manufacturers of CityEngine


XfrogPlants, are 30 libraries of popular plants, (2000+ plant models), and are built by botanical experts who gather real leaves and bark and painstakingly match photographic references to derive 3-9 variations of each Species of plants that they model.


DAZ strives to bring 3D art directly to the masses by delivering the highest quality digital 3D content and software at the most affordable prices. With a continuing effort at creating realism and diversity in every figure DAZ makes, and a commitment to providing excellent service and support, DAZ works to inspire 3D fans to "Unleash the Artist Within". DAZ also offers premier 3D software programs such as Bryce 5 (a 3D environment package), Mimic Pro (a 3D lip-sync program), and DAZ Studio (a 3D posing application) all at rock-bottom prices.


Luxology, LLC is an independent technology group based in Silicon Valley consisting of many of the most notable brains in the field of 3D modeling and rendering. Founded in 2001 by Allen Hastings, Stuart Ferguson and Brad Peebler, Luxology employs a team that includes some of the top engineering talent on the planet. Luxology is best known for its award-winning software, modo. The company also licenses its Nexus software architecture to various technology partners, primarily in the CAD and Entertainment industries.
Manufacturers of Modo


MAXON's product line is centered around its core applications CINEMA 4D, a leading animation package for media production, and BodyPaint 3D, its pioneering 3D painting package. These applications are characterized by their speed, dependability and state-of-the-art technology.
Manufacturers of Cinema4D


ZBrush is a digital sculpting and painting program that has revolutionized the 3D industry with its powerful features and intuitive workflows. Built within an elegant interface, ZBrush offers the world’s most advanced tools for today’s digital artists. With an arsenal of features that have been developed with usability in mind, ZBrush creates a user experience that feels incredibly natural while simultaneously inspiring the artist within. With the ability to sculpt up to a billion polygons, ZBrush allows you to create limited only by your imagination.
Manufacturers of ZBrush

This is just a short list and there are many more, if you want to add your link let me know


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There's a lot of free resources on the internet but sometimes you need professional training you can view online or download so you can work at your own pace.


Wide range of classes and tutorials. offers training for a multitude of software at very afforable prices.


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Cornucopia 3D

A few shortened tutorials are available at Cornucopia 3D.

Geek at Play

You'll find lots of free tutorials at Geek at Play, these really are highly recommended and you can also buy training DVD's as well as textures, objects and more in their store.





E-on Software

The creators of Vue, they have some tutorials on their website to help you get started and build your skills.



Gnomon Workshop

Matte painting production techniques.

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Stock 3D websites are great places to purchase ready made models for the times when you are on a tight deadline or just need that one item to complete your project. Prices vary from site to site as does the range.

Cornucopia 3D

For Vue user's this is the place to go, as part of E-On Software, they have a great rnage of models, plants, textures, tutorials and more.

Turbo Squid

You'll find a huge range of models at Turbo Squid, models are available for advertising, architecture, broadcast, games, training, film, the web, and just for fun.

Turbo Squid



Renderosity is an online gallery and marketplace with the main emphasis looking like Daz3D design and products, however they also have many other products and is well worth a visit




XFrog create high quality plants and flowers that have been used by most film and fx companies for their accuracy and detail.
Download some free samples here.



3D Export

Nice range of models at 3D Export

Download 3D models at 3DExport

CG Trader

3D models for computer graphics, VR & 3D printing Visit Website

CG Axis is on-line 3D models store, delivering high quality, photorealistic 3D models & textures for 3D visualisations, animations, games and more in formats like: max,c4d, fxb, obj, available to instant download into your computer 24/7. CGAXIS help you to save time and instantly incrase quality of your work.
Visit website

Best 3D Models

Visit Website
All available 3D model file formats, textures, materials and sizes are included. No credits required, pay as you go. No minimum purchase required, pay only for what you need. No releases required. One license simplified to cover all your usage needs. Risk-free money back guarantee. We give over 50% of the revenue derived from each 3D product sale back to the 3d artists that created it.

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A selection of 3DS Max Tutorials

If you want to add a link let me know

Pay Sites These sites charge for membership or courses


(Formerly Digital Tutors)

Pluralsight offers a wide range of training at very reasonable pricing, their expertise covers 3DS Max, Maya, Photoshop, Z-Brush, V-Ray and a lot more.
Visit Website offers some free tutorials as well as paid content, great place to get started with 3DS Max Learn it all. Learn it fast. Learn it now.

Visit Website

Gnomon Workshop

The Gnomon Workshop has a wide range of tutorials and resources. Website Free Tutorial and Resource Websites
Visit Website

Free Sites



Mr. Bluesummers 3d Resources. A great free resource for Modeling, Scripting, Rendering and More, lots of videos and tutorials, well presented and very informative.

3dtotal Lots of free tutorials, resources and a store where you can spend all your money on cool books, videos and more!.

Visit Website

About MaxQ 3D

This website is a gallery of my work and as I improve and learn more I'll display my new projects, hopefully this site will also act as a resource for new 3D and Digital artists.

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