Continuing my long time passion for creating futuristic cities I created Future City One, all modeled, textured and lit in 3DS Max with post work in Photoshop.
I started off this project trying to create a futuristic scene of a sprawling city with lots of megalithic skyscrapers that would reach thousands of feet into the sky. To that end the scale of this is huge which actually caused issues with showing detail in the scene so I recommend zooming in to see more (the final giant image is at the bottom of the page).

The original intent was a lighter daytime scene with a water view which you can see in the early work in progress scenes.


At one point in the process I decided to remove the water and increase the depth of the buildings to create the feeling here the city is expanding right to the very edge and sometimes even overhanging the cavernous abyss.
The concept being that people travel by ship to docking bays before moving though the city, every days workers never go outside except for the very rich where they can afford their own mini oasis with trees and lakes.
I added two very small parks (one in the near right and one in the middle distance, due the scale of the piece they are actually very hard to see without zooming in. These were just grabs from my Vue New Venice project where I edited them down, adjusted the levels and added some orange to reflect the sky.

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