This image depicts the arrival to a sprawling megalopolis with towering buildings and enclosed travel conduits. This started off as a test of Vue Xtreme and 3DS Max to see how the two worked as integrated programs, I've always wanted the power of Vue for atmospheres and plants with the modeling abilities of 3DS Max.

This piece does not have any plants although I was tempted to add some trees but due to the scale you wouldn't really see the details and this became a future city with no vegetation. All images have their own story and this one one eludes to a possibly toxic atmosphere where everyone lives inside and travels via an internal transit system. Maybe the water has become highly polluted and the air laden with greenhouse gases, alternatively it's early morning haze over some warm tropical water and the city is just waking up - you decide.

All elements are models made for previous projects except possibly the near right building which I think is a free model of a Blade Runner building so can't take credit for that one.Highly recommend zooming in to see the detail, I definitely enjoyed making this piece, next I think I may revisit a city with some trees!

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04 December 2016
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