It's a Dalek. Decided to model a Dalek based on my favourite version (new Daleks are just not the same) .. As always it turned out to be more complex than I thought, still experimenting with textures and lighting and I think I'd like the eye to glow. The chrome Dalek was a mistake but it looked pretty cool so I thought I'd keep it.

Just when I thought I was finished I decided it need a more futuristic scene so I added some curved columns with some windows that look out on to a red planet with some structures. This added a couple of weeks on to the project but I'm quite pleased with the results. Slight post work in Photoshop for color correction, extra glow on the Dalek eye and a bit of sharpening. The black / grey Daleks are still the best just ask Tom Baker.

Various renders of work in progress.

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04 December 2016
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