Cream of the Crop AwardCreated in Vue with a lot of post work for sharpening, color correction, hand painted waterfalls and water. I wanted to show a scene from a photograph I found online but with a fantasy / fiction slant (hence the Byzantine temple).

I had previously created a matte painting for this using Vue just for some elements that I added in Photoshop.

for this piece I did as much work in Vue and rendered out a multi-pass psd file and then added the hand painted elements, I think I'm much happier with the Vue piece.

I added a sky photograph and blended it with the Vue sky and also painted in some sky glow to mix the far distance into the scene. If you look closely there are a few early evening stars but they are only a few pixels so hard to see.

3D Elements from Cornucopia 3D

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This website is a gallery of my work and as I improve and learn more I'll display my new projects, hopefully this site will also act as a resource for new 3D and Digital artists.

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04 December 2016
04 December 2016
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