After creating Summer afternoon, I thought I would quickly revisit my Flying Scotsman design this time uisng a bright summer atmosphere. As usual what started out as a quick change turned into a remodelling of the terrains, grass, trees and paintwork of the Scotsman. I I added wheel blur again in Photoshop as well as making the paintwork more weathered. I'm planning on redoing the 3DSMax model with more detail and adding a coach or two for the full effect. I have a Mallard model in the works but that's got such a smooth and sculpted body that it's hard to get it just right.

Landscape 3D Elements from Cornucopia 3DScotsman - my model.

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This website is a gallery of my work and as I improve and learn more I'll display my new projects, hopefully this site will also act as a resource for new 3D and Digital artists.

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04 December 2016
04 December 2016
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