Arrival to be published in EXPOSÉ 12

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My 3DS Max design Arrival is to be published in EXPOSÉ 12, this is a collection of digital art published by Ballistic.
Ballistic Publishing produces the world’s best digital art books. Established in 2003 with EXPOSÉ 1, showcasing the finest digital art in the known universe, the company has expanded its range to include the critically-acclaimed d’artiste and ESSENCE tutorial series, and other showcase titles including EXOTIQUE, ELEMENTAL, and PAINTER. Ballistic Publishing is based in Adelaide, South Australia, with offices in Melbourne (Victoria, Australia) and Tampa (Florida, USA).

Ballistic has returned to it's roots and is now offering it's books via CG Starter, this means only a limited amount of the books will be printed and they have to reach their goal of at least 2000 orders to publish.
Why not reserve your copy today, not just for my work but for a ton of great digital art.

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This website is a gallery of my work and as I improve and learn more I'll display my new projects, hopefully this site will also act as a resource for new 3D and Digital artists.

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